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The Essential Elements of Website Footer

The website footer is the place which displays some of the most important information about a company. It may not require much of a designing or great content, but it certainly calls for attention while crafting a site. It needs to be organized and should be in sync with the overall design and feel of the interface. Again, one may wonder what information needs to be incorporated in this section. Below is a list of important elements of website footer:

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  • Link to Other Pages

First and foremost, the footer section should guide the user to the most important page on the site, the ‘About Us’ section. Apart from that, it may also include links for Services, Careers, Terms Of Use, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer. If the site has a blog section, the footer may also display a link to the same. For expert advice on this, one may consult an experienced Website Designing Company in Dubai, such as WS Centre.

  • Basic Contact Information

This would include the company’s phone number, email address, and location of the head office. One may also incorporate a map, which would display the exact location when clicked on it.

  • Copyright Notice

This is by far one of the most vital aspects of website footer. One may incorporate it as a single line or display the small circular “c” symbol. The text would ideally feature the year of publication and the name of the copyright owner. A low contrasting color may be used for the text so that it doesn’t mix up with the other important information.

  • Call to Action Button

Call-to-action buttons are basically ways of guiding the user to take an action once they have gone through the web page and gained an understanding of the business activities of the company. These may range from a sign up box for e-newsletter to invitation for following on social media.
With the guidance and assistance of a reputed website designing company in Dubai, one may create a footer which offers a visual interest, readability, matches with the theme of the interface, and creates a sense of hierarchy.  3 Tips on How to Create Great Content for the Web.

Tips for Utilizing the Power of Social Media while Launching a New Product

Launching a new product requires a lot of efforts to be taken in the domains of advertising and marketing. Thankfully, there is social media, which serves as a great platform for reaching out to the potential consumers. Given the fact that customers always use social media to gain information about the latest trends, social media marketing or SMM as it is popularly called, is a great way to advertise a product! Here are a few tips & tricks to ensure that one harnesses the true potential of the social media space while launching a new item:

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1.      Planning a Social Media Strategy

 Reviewing the current social media strategy for the existing products provides a meaningful direction to ascertain which social media platform would be best to promote the new product. Of course, this holds good, only if both the products have a similar audience. However, if the new item has a clearly different customer base, then it would require devising a new strategy altogether!

2.      The teaser crusade

Teaser campaigns are all about building up expectations, whilst keeping the users curious about the new product. They create awareness well before the launch, as they do not give away too much information. Videos and other graphics can be used for teaser campaigns. The company can also think of creative ideas for the promotion. Effective keywords can also be used in the content, which would take care of the Search Engine Optimization aspect.

3.      Designate a #hashtag

 Designating a hash tag for individual products, works wonders in online and offline spaces. It is a great way to categorize one’s product, so that potential buyers can get all the information they require about the same. Moreover, a hash tag creates an impact of its own and encourages user participation.

New items and services are constantly entering the market. Some see the light and some failure. Hence, it is essential to make sure that the marketing is done right. For assistance, one may get in touch with WS Centre, a reputed SEO company in Dubai, which specializes in an array of web services, such as, SMO, SEM, PPC, and more. Here’s some information on 3 Time-Tested Strategies for Online Marketing & Advertising.

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3 Time-Tested Strategies for Online Marketing & Advertising

With a sharp rise in internet users, organizations are now resorting to online selling of their products & services. However, before putting the business online, one has to make a proper plan and strategy for gaining the desired results. There are a few things one can do for garnering instant success in online marketing. While social media marketing may be pocket-friendly, one can opt to invest in paid digital advertising, if he/she wishes to reach out to a wide range of audience.

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  1. 1.      PPC Models and Google Ads

Pay Per Click models and Google ads serve as a cost efficient means of advertising the business in the online realm. With the help of these forms of marketing, one can increase the number of visitors to the website. Further, Google gives a global platform to the business, thereby enabling the company to sell its products on an international forum.

  1. 2.      Facebook Page and Advertising on Facebook

Facebook has already emerged as a powerful marketing tool for small businesses, who want to present themselves as a known entity in the online world. It not only helps the company to directly connect with its customers, but also aids in garnering their trust & loyalty. For those on a tight budget, it is a good idea to create a Facebook page, and provide all the information pertaining to the company and its products. Here’s some information on 4 Great & Effective Ways of Having a Successful Facebook Page.

  1. 3.      Advertising on YouTube

Broadcasting an advertisement on the television is expensive; therefore, short video advertisements on YouTube can come handy for small firms. With a monthly user base of 800 million, YouTube can project the business on a wide scale to targeted consumers.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are several other techniques for advertising products on the web. For help and assistance in this domain, one may approach WS Centre, a reputed website designing company in Dubai, which specializes in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and other allied web services. This Website Development Company in Dubai also holds an extensive experience in building stunning, user-friendly, and highly functional websites.

Tips on Creating a Website Landing Page That Would Help in Conversions

Often termed as lander or lead capture page, the landing page of a website has a big role to play in attracting traffic as well as generating sales. By providing various types of offers on this page, one can convert visitors into leads. However, to attain success in this aspect, one needs to incorporate certain elements & features, such as:

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  1. 1.      Answer the Basic Queries of Visitors

First and foremost, the landing page should answer the basic questions of the visitor. These include, what are the benefits of the offer, what can one lose if he/she does not accept the offer, and how to go about to obtain the offer. For more help in this domain, one may contact WS Centre, a website designing company in Dubai, which specializes in Search Engine Optimization, SMO, SMM, SEM, PPC, and other web related services.

  1. 2.      Provide Options for Information

A potential customer may access the website at any stage of the buying cycle. He/she may visit the site while researching for the intended product or for making price comparisons. Hence, it is imperative that the landing page provides the visitor with options for deriving all the pertinent information on the subject/product/service. However, care should be taken not to stuff the page with too many options, as this may become overwhelming for the visitor.

  1. 3.      High Functionality

This, of course, is by far, the most important aspect that aids in generating sales. The landing page must be able to collect the email details of the visitors, so that the company can intimate them about new products, services, special offers, and discounts, thereby guiding them towards the purchasing decision.

  1. 4.      Inclusion of Social Media Links

Social Media Marketing has completely transformed the business scenario. If one wishes to attract a diverse and modern audience, then it is essential to incorporate social media links on the lander, to enable prospective customers to carry out research or probably spread the word by sharing the page with their family & friends.

Creating a landing page that sells, is not as easy as it sounds. It is always advisable to avail the services of a website designing and SEO company in Dubai. Here are 3 Ways for Using a Website to Enhance the Brand Image.

3 Useful Tips for Designing an Out-of-the-box Logo

website designing company in DubaiThe logo of a company is one of its primary assets, as far as, advertising and establishing the brand is concerned. Every reputed company has a logo with which audiences can relate and connect. It is, therefore, extremely important to have a logo which is stunning as well as meaningful. Mentioned below is a list of tips for designing an attractive logo. However, it must be remembered that there are no strict rules to be followed. These are just some tips which may help in the process.

  1. 1.      The Uniqueness Quotient

If one thinks of all the leading brands in the world, one will notice that no two companies have similar logos. A logo must be exclusive and out-of-the-box. In this context, creativity is the key. While it is okay to take inspiration from somewhere, however, one must not blindly follow the concept, without making any improvisation. For creative ideas in this aspect, one may get in touch with a well-known website designing company in Dubai.

  1. 2.      Understanding the Brand

This one is a bit tricky. A successful logo must, in some way, trace its origin back to the brand it is representing. Most logos have a hidden meaning attached to it, which is deeply connected to the company. Having said that, it should not ideally give away what the company does, and must remain flexible, so that it remains relevant, irrespective of the direction that the company ventures. For further insight on this subject, one must contact an established web designing company in Dubai.

  1. 3.      The Color Conundrum

Choosing the right color is extremely important and equally puzzling. Every color hits the eyes of the viewer in a different way and it is important to understand which color would keep up with the temperament of the brand. Usually, loud colors exhibit dynamism and energy, while muted tones are synonymous with sophistication and elegance.

There are a host of other tips and tricks for creating an attractive and successful logo, which can be understood with the expert guidance of WS Centre, one of the leading website designing company in Dubai. Here’s some information on The Top 3 Recent Trends of Logo Designing. 


3 Tips on How to Create Great Content for the Web

Website Development Company in DubaiIrrespective of how stunning the design is, the content determines the success of a website. It is important that the text written on the site interests and engages its readers. If it fails to provide the right information, then the visitors would not want to come back. Here’s a quick round-up of three tips to ensure that the content entices the readers to take desired actions:

  1.    Proper usage of keywords

To earn better clicks, traffic, and high search engine rankings, it is important to incorporate the most popularly searched words, terms, & phrases. However, care must be taken not to indulge in over-stuffing of keywords, as it may annoy the search engine as well as the reader. For more advice in this domain, one may get in touch with a reputed web development company in Dubai.   

  1. 2   A great title

An incredible title not only encourages the visitor to read the full article, but also impresses the search engines. It goes without saying that generating a curiosity in the minds of the reader is vital. Further, one should also try to focus the title on the intended user’s search intent. For expert guidance, one may hire the services of a reliable website development company in Dubai, such as, WS Centre, which holds an extensive experience in rendering the best possible web solutions.

  1.  3   Keep it updated

Apart from the fact that users are always on the lookout for the latest information, it is important to update the content, for the sake of search engines. Google, for instance, has listed out updated content as one of the factors for earning high rankings on the search engine. This activity also implies that the organization cares about the content and wants its readers to avail the most recent updates on the subject.

One should always bear in mind that the article should be capable of answering the questions of its readers. With the help and assistance of a web development company in Dubai, one can surely create content that is appealing, informative, and engaging. Here’s an insight on the 3 Essential Things to Understand from Website User Behaviour , which would help in crafting the right content.

3 Reasons why it is Beneficial to Avail the Services of a Professional Web Designer

Hiring a professional web designing company in Dubai to create a business website can help in several ways. Their expertise and knowledge can be harnessed to enhance visibility in the online world. For those who have a tight budget, they can opt for a predefined template to create a temporary site, but, later, they would have to avail the services of a web designer, if they wish to gain competitive advantage and build a successful enterprise. Below is an insight on the three reasons why it is beneficial to consider professional services for designing a site:

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  • Professional Looking Website

A website is a manifestation of a company’s values, objectives, and professionalism. While a sloppy and drab interface creates a negative impression, a professional looking site instantly connects with the users. A professional designer can craft a highly functional and visually stunning interface, which is bound to appeal to the users.

  • Stay Ahead of Your Competition:

A reputed web development company in Dubai, such as, WS Centre, understands the value of online marketing and SEO. They have a rich talent pool of professionals and programmers, who make sure that the site is properly optimized and is compliant with the necessary norms. This helps in earning high rankings in the search engines, thereby making the organization stay ahead of its competition.

  • Unique & Attractive Interface

If the business is unique, then why use an overused template? When one takes the assistance of design professionals, one may ask them to build the interface according to the nature & requirements of the business, keeping in mind the interests & needs of the target audience. The outcome is an attractive and one-of-a-kind interface offering a great user experience to customers, thereby encouraging them to visit the site, whenever they are in search for some information.

By availing the services of a reliable website designing company Dubai, one can create an effective, productive, and appealing website, which will not only help in attracting traffic, but also aid in boosting sales and increasing revenue. One should also remember to Beware of these 5 Common Errors Made While Designing Websites.

3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need to Set Up an Ecommerce Portal

More and more businesses across the world are realizing the power of the internet and are beginning to sell their products through ecommerce portals designed by a reputed website designing company in Dubai. In the last few years, online shopping has reached a new level, and this is just the right time to build an ecommerce site, which will function alongside one’s brick and mortar store. Listed below are three reasons why small businesses should consider opening up an online shopping site:

Ecommerce Portal

Allows Customers to Buy Irrespective of the Time or Place

One of the major benefits of having an ecommerce website is that the business is functioning 24/7. Since the internet is accessible from any part of the world, customers can visit the online store at any time of the day, from the comfort of their homes or offices. An ecommerce website enables organizations to get more sales, which were previously not possible, either for restricted business hours, distance, or accessibility.

Wider Customer Base

Online shopping sites enable organizations to reach out to a whole new set of customers, who were either unaware of the business, or probably lived too far off. With a properly optimized ecommerce portal designed by a web designing company Dubai, one’s business can rank high in the search engines, thereby encouraging customers to visit the store and buy their favorite products. When these portals are integrated with social media, it further enhances the outreach, and the company gains access to a massive audience at one go.

Generates New Leads

In a brick and mortar store, customers rarely fill out the forms at the checkout counter. However, through ecommerce websites, one can easily gather email addresses and other useful information pertaining to customers. Generating leads online is far more effective as customers are bound to enter their information to verify the purchase. Enterprises can utilize these details for email marketing and other forms of advertising & publicity.

For setting up an online portal, it is always advisable to take the advice of expert professionals. WS Centre is a renowned website development company in Dubai, which can create a productive and user-friendly ecommerce website. Here’s a list of 3 Great Tips for Effective Mobile E-Commerce.

Fundamental Factors to Consider While Selecting an Ecommerce Web Design Company in Dubai

The current highly globalised world demands that only those businesses which think globally can be able to cross boundaries and hence thrive in a highly competitive market. Dubai is one such business environment, where there is always cutthroat competition for customers. Any business that has a meaningful web presence is one that has streamlined its processes and acts on its customer feedback; hence leading to increased sales and profits.

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You will need to pick the right e-commerce Website Designing Company in Dubai, for your business to have a strong web presence in the highly competitive market.

But how can one be able to choose the right company for this task, out of thousands of website designing companies that claim to do the best job ever? Here are some factors that you will need to consider in order to land at the doorstep of the best of the best.

  • Check out their portfolio

Any good work should be able to speak for itself, as well as reveal the expertise of the web designing company that you intend to consider for your website building project. Check out the company’s portfolio or demand for samples of their previous work. This will easily let you have a hint of their level of expertise in designing e-commerce websites. Any professional company will not hesitate to let you have a look at what are capable of doing.

  • Go for experience

E-commerce web designing needs be handled wisely since it requires very extensive functionalities. In this kind of website, the clients deal directly with the business by placing orders and making pay transfers. Therefore, an inexperienced web designer can mess up the business. Hence, a good e-commerce Website Designing Company Dubai seems to mature, as well as become more attractive, with age and experience. Go for the most experienced one.

  • Check out their customer service

The manner in which a web designing company handles its customers tells you a lot about their professional attitude. Their efficiency for service delivery can be gauged from the way they will respond after receiving a quote from a prospective client. They should be ready to discuss the project details before getting down to work as well as be quick to respond to your queries. This reflects professionalism.

  • Sample the reviews on their website

After you shortlist a number of companies that you would like to consider, go through the client reviews as well as feedback in response to their services, on their website. You have to be aware that some reviews might actually be unrealistic because some companies create their own reviews. However, genuine reviews will give you a realistic view of the company’s prowess. You can contact some of their past clients if possible for  more honest information on the company’s services. Any company that hides negative reviews from their customers is not the best.

  • Consider the cost

Finally, the total cost of the project matters a lot. The cost for creating an e-commerce website can be a major concern for any startup. If you are starting a new business, then you might have to go for the most cost-effective Website Designing Company in Dubai, but one which will give you the best results.

Why Your Website Needs To Be Built By a Responsive Website Designing Company in Dubai

Some time back, there weren’t so many options when looking for a responsive website designing company in Dubai. This meant that there was a very big number of websites that had not been created using this important technology in the city. Every website definitely needs this technology so as to avoid missing out on about half of the traffic that comes from mobile devices as well as tablet online users.

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What Is Responsive Website Designing? You May Ask.

Answering why responsive website technology was necessary, in the first place, might be the best place to start in answering this question. Before the advent of this technology, any futuristic business that had seen the need to design a mobile version of their website only had two options; build a highly streamlined edition of their website, synchronizing only a minimal amount of content between the two sites or, alternatively, create a completely independent mobile website. However, the pitfalls in these approaches were:

  • It led to high administration and maintenance cost as well as effort duplication

  • User experience could never be exactly the same in mobile sites as in the desktop sites. This forced some websites who lacked a mobile version of their websites to forward their users to specific un-optimized pages.

With the recent exponential increase of smart phones and tablets, both in types and sizes, an advanced and more user friendly system was really needed. This is how responsive web design came into the market. This new technology lives up to what its name suggests. Responsive websites quickly respond to any screen size; from the biggest desktop to the smallest phone screen. It also ensures that the content (images, videos and text) easily fit on the particular screen.

Initially a user using a mobile device to browse had to scroll right or left as well as up and down, but any well designed responsive website will only allow you to scroll up and down. In the present digital age where more people use mobile devices to search for information online, a responsive websitedesigning company in Dubai, a fast growing city, can be rolling in booming business. This is something that cannot be ignored since about 50% of traffic for many businesses comes from tablets or mobile devices.

Due to the popularity of the responsive website designing technology, Google recommended in 2011, that every website should be built using the new technology. Since it is the largest search engine on earth, its advice should be taken with the seriousness it deserves. As a matter of fact, Google unveiled a fresh update in their search algorithm, which is aimed at punishing websites which are non-mobile optimized and use its search engine.

If your business is based in the UAE and you want to create a new website for it, you will be better off if you take your time and do some research first in order to get the best responsive website designing company Dubai can offer.