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The Essential Elements of Website Footer

The website footer is the place which displays some of the most important information about a company. It may not require much of a designing or great content, but it certainly calls for attention while crafting a site. It needs to be organized and should be in sync with the overall design and feel of the interface. Again, one may wonder what information needs to be incorporated in this section. Below is a list of important elements of website footer:

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  • Link to Other Pages

First and foremost, the footer section should guide the user to the most important page on the site, the ‘About Us’ section. Apart from that, it may also include links for Services, Careers, Terms Of Use, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer. If the site has a blog section, the footer may also display a link to the same. For expert advice on this, one may consult an experienced Website Designing Company in Dubai, such as WS Centre.

  • Basic Contact Information

This would include the company’s phone number, email address, and location of the head office. One may also incorporate a map, which would display the exact location when clicked on it.

  • Copyright Notice

This is by far one of the most vital aspects of website footer. One may incorporate it as a single line or display the small circular “c” symbol. The text would ideally feature the year of publication and the name of the copyright owner. A low contrasting color may be used for the text so that it doesn’t mix up with the other important information.

  • Call to Action Button

Call-to-action buttons are basically ways of guiding the user to take an action once they have gone through the web page and gained an understanding of the business activities of the company. These may range from a sign up box for e-newsletter to invitation for following on social media.
With the guidance and assistance of a reputed website designing company in Dubai, one may create a footer which offers a visual interest, readability, matches with the theme of the interface, and creates a sense of hierarchy.  3 Tips on How to Create Great Content for the Web.