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Tips for Utilizing the Power of Social Media while Launching a New Product

Launching a new product requires a lot of efforts to be taken in the domains of advertising and marketing. Thankfully, there is social media, which serves as a great platform for reaching out to the potential consumers. Given the fact that customers always use social media to gain information about the latest trends, social media marketing or SMM as it is popularly called, is a great way to advertise a product! Here are a few tips & tricks to ensure that one harnesses the true potential of the social media space while launching a new item:

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1.      Planning a Social Media Strategy

 Reviewing the current social media strategy for the existing products provides a meaningful direction to ascertain which social media platform would be best to promote the new product. Of course, this holds good, only if both the products have a similar audience. However, if the new item has a clearly different customer base, then it would require devising a new strategy altogether!

2.      The teaser crusade

Teaser campaigns are all about building up expectations, whilst keeping the users curious about the new product. They create awareness well before the launch, as they do not give away too much information. Videos and other graphics can be used for teaser campaigns. The company can also think of creative ideas for the promotion. Effective keywords can also be used in the content, which would take care of the Search Engine Optimization aspect.

3.      Designate a #hashtag

 Designating a hash tag for individual products, works wonders in online and offline spaces. It is a great way to categorize one’s product, so that potential buyers can get all the information they require about the same. Moreover, a hash tag creates an impact of its own and encourages user participation.

New items and services are constantly entering the market. Some see the light and some failure. Hence, it is essential to make sure that the marketing is done right. For assistance, one may get in touch with WS Centre, a reputed SEO company in Dubai, which specializes in an array of web services, such as, SMO, SEM, PPC, and more. Here’s some information on 3 Time-Tested Strategies for Online Marketing & Advertising.