Code of Conduct Practiced by Website Designing Professionals

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Be it web designing, social media services, or SEO solutions, professionals belonging to the web world must follow a certain code of ethics while working on web projects. Timely delivery, giving response on time, meeting deadlines, charging reasonable prices, and practicing fair techniques are some of the guiding principles of web designers. Below is an insight on the ethos which should be necessarily followed by each member of the web design & development industry:

Displaying Honesty While Interacting with Clients

An ethical web designer would display supreme honesty while interacting with his/her clients. He would not indulge in activities of over-pricing, misleading comments, and other mischief. As an honest & sincere professional, he would not insert hidden charges or lie about the status of the project or deadlines. WS Centre, an eminent website designing company in Dubai, possesses a team of experts that practice the core values of integrity and honesty in all their tasks.


A web designer should always try to safeguard the identity of his clients. Further, he should also abstain from divulging the trade secrets or any confidential matters pertaining to the client’s nature of business.

Healthy Competition with Rivals

Similar to any line of business, each website designing company in Dubai will have to face competition with its rivals. However, it is advisable to maintain a healthy competitive spirit that would inspire to improve on one’s talent rather than stealing the work of others or marring the image of competitors.

Refraining from Idea Theft, Spyware, & Unsolicited Advertising

Idea theft primarily implies activities involving snatching of ideas, plagiarism, stealing of patent, copyright infringement, and many more. Spyware is a type of software that performs activities which would attack on personal information or change the computer’s configuration without taking the consent of the user. A web designer should refrain from all such activities and should perform his tasks in the best interests of his client.

By availing the services of a reputed web designing company in Dubai, one may be rest assured that the web development team will follow the proper code of ethics and deliver the assigned tasks with honesty and lawfully.

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