Common Usability Errors Made While Designing a Website

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Usability is an essential factor that determines the success of a website. Customers are always on the lookout of websites that are simple to navigate and use, without having to undergo any specialized training.


common usability errors made designing website

Listed below are a few common usability errors that one should definitely avoid:

1. Too small clickable areas

Irrespective of the number of hyperlinks incorporated on the site, one should ensure that each of them is big enough to be clicked easily by the viewer. If the clickable areas are too small and demand the visitor to apply strategy and varied hand movements to click on the tiny hyperlink, then chances are, that the customer may quit the web site. For more tips and advice, one may avail the services of a reliable web designing company Dubai.

2. Content which is difficult to scan

Organizations often expect customers to read the information from top to bottom on a web page. Whereas, the reality is that viewers do not have the patience or time to read the full content, and hence they only scan through the text. One should ensure that the content consists of a few points of focus, which can immediately grab the visitor’s attention. Further, the text should also have a descriptive heading and sub-headings, titles, bullets, and more. For more guidance in this domain, one may contact a reputed web development company in Dubai, such as, WS Centre, which possesses rich technical expertise in web based services.

3. Misuse of pagination

Pagination is used to divide the entire content into various pages. If used aptly, this feature aids in making the site appear convenient and easy to use. However, if misused, it becomes a deterring factor for usability, as each page will make less sense by itself, thus making it difficult for the customers to comprehend the content.

To avoid such errors, it is advisable to hire an expert web designing company Dubai, which shall craft the design in a proficient manner. Apart from focussing on usability and navigation features, one should also Beware of these 5 Common Errors Made While Designing Websites.

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