How To Creating an E-commerce Website

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An e-commerce website helps you to do business online by selling your products and services on the net. To make a good e-commerce website you can take the help of a professional Ecommerce Web Designing Company In Delhi that creates good sites like

Let us look at some aspects involved in creating an e-commerce website.

Decide the product

First thing is to decide what product or service you want to sell. You need to have a product with something special or a niche product with which you can hope to beat the competition. This is the first step.

Name the website

The website is your business. So find a good name for your website. Something that tells visitors what the website is all about and what is the product offered. The name should be something easy to remember and catchy. Once the name is finalized, the domain needs to be registered using the services of a domain register.

E-commerce platform

There are various e-commerce platforms. They can be self-hosted meaning you can use open-source solutions that you create and maintain yourself. This calls for technical knowledge and expertise. You can go for hosted solutions where a third party takes care of everything for you. If you do not have the technical expertise, you can approach a Website Designing Company Dubai who can give you a solution based on your needs.


E-commerce calls for online payment. You need to have a payment gateway on your site that will help users to pay online using their card or bank account. You can make use of PayPal or WorldPay accounts to help your customers pay online.

Market your site

Once your site is ready and tested, you need to market it effectively. Make use of social media for cost-free promotion of your site. You can come out with a host of offers to bring users to your website and make they buy products. A well-designed e-commerce website can be marketed easily and help you make profits.

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