Simple Tips for Testing the Usability of a Website

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Once a site is up and running, it is essential to check whether it offers a user-friendly interface to its visitors. For this, one should conduct regular tests based on several parameters. First & foremost, it is important to check the internal & external links. One should ensure that a script blocking software is not preventing the links from opening. It is advisable to test the links on different browsers. If the website is not compatible with a specific browser, the entire lookout and display of the site gets ruined. Further, one should also be careful while making CSS changes, altering codes, uploading files, and adding JavaScript, as these may cause layout issues. One should try out all the interactive features across all the major browsers such as filling out forms, enlarging images, opening pictures, increasing the size of text, and much more. For tips & guidance on cross-browser testing, one may get in touch with a reputed website designing company Dubai such as WS Centre which holds a vast experience and expertise in web designing, hosting, & testing.

One can also try to get useful feedback by getting the site tested by people of different age groups. For instance, an elderly member with a poor eye sight may not find the text legible, thus making it evident that the site has a usability problem.  Another area where testing becomes essential is the speed at which the web pages download. If one is testing the site at an office, then in all probability, the internet connection will have a great bandwidth. However, while testing at a residence, the speed may not render the desired results. For checking the optimal speed, one may avail the services of a reliable web development company Dubai. Other factors to consider includes checking of screen resolution, readability, visibility, aesthetics, formatting, logical & grammatically correct content, performance on mobile devices, and more. Website testing is not a one-time event; it is a complex task consisting of several processes which need to be implemented at regular intervals. It is always advisable to hire an expert from an eminent website designing company Dubai.

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