4 Types of Posts That Get the Maximum Engagement

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Visual content has a major say all across the major and most popular social media platforms, and its relevance on Instagram, which is a live and breathing art gallery, is pretty evident.

While earlier we were employing visual content just to stand out and make a point on social media, now visual content is a boom which is hovering over every social media platform over the internet. But the question that we all are seeking answer to is how can we make our visual content a class apart from the nest?

Going by the data, as of April 2017, Instagram has over 700 million monthly active users and 80% of this Instagram population followed at least one brand. The point we are trying to make here is that, if you don’t have a brand account on Instagram, then you are probably losing out lots of business to the competitors.

But you need to focus on two things before going all Instagram savvy- The kind of posts that perform well and the visuals aesthetics. Check out 5 of the most popular types of Instagram post the experts of the Top Ecommerce Website Designing Company in Dubai could find.

Inspirational & Motivational Content: If you are thinking that inspirational posts are old school, then you need to consider that again. No matter how lame or cheesy they sound or appear, inspirational and motivational posts have the tendency to attract lot of engagement and are a great way to connect more deeply with the users.

Industries they are good for: fitness, sports, fashion, or entrepreneurialWebsite Development Company In Dubai

Social Cause: Well, we are glad this one is on the list of posts that people like the most on Instagram. In case your business is running for a good cause, a corporate social responsibility or a philanthropic initiative, make it known through Instagram. This will polish and redefine your brand image, liven up your follower’s feed and will definitely give a boost to your bottom line.

Industries they are good for: No differentiation here!

Do you know, 87% of customers include corporate social responsibility while making a purchase decision and 91% of customers switch to brands that are associated with a social cause?

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Food: Food is that one segment which is most prevalent across all social media platforms. There is a drive in those colorful ingredients, stellar presentation and mouth-watering recipes that motivate people to like, comment and share. Food drives engagement, no matter where you are and what platform you are targeting.

Industries they are good for: Restaurants, food joints, food trucks, hotels, food showsWeb Development Company Dubai

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