What is Guest Blogging?

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What is Guest Blogging?

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging is another effective and result driven content marketing and SEO method used by professional bloggers to increase the blog traffic of their website. It is a unique technique where someone writes or posts a blog on other blogger’s blog or third party website to promote their personal or corporate brand. Guest Blogging is a bang on method to put forth a brand in front of its target audience and create awareness for that particular brand. But it should be done keeping in mind the penalties of the Google.

How does Guest Blogging work?

Guest Blogging works in two distinct ways:

  1. You create a post and publish it on another person’s blog or third party website.
  2. Someone else writes a post to be published on your website’s blog.

Why Do Bloggers Encourage Guest Blogging?

Well, as a top Website Development Company in Dubai, we don’t see any reason not to. Guest Blogging can effectively work as a mutual appreciation technique. While publishers want to create valuable and compelling content to provide better value to their audience, authors are constantly on a lookout for platforms to promote their personal/corporate brand. Highly informative and content rich blogs give both authors an effective medium to showcase their expertise and knowledge on a particular topic and publishers free content to feed their audience. Well, it’s a win-win situation. Online retailers are the ones who are working as a constant variable in this equation – they want to create quality content as well as showcase their brand in front of the new audience.

Guest Blogging- How to Minimize Risk?

Keeping aside the brand and inbound marketing shenanigans, the most prominent reason for having a guest published by you on another person’s blog or by someone else on your website is to create inbound links, which is absolutely not acceptable by the search engines. Google often penalize such activities and websites that employ guest blogging as a medium for SEO link building purposes and give strict instructions to the sites to “nofollow” links that are redirecting to the guest publisher’s site. But that doesn’t mean that guest blogging cannot be done without Google penalties and doesn’t provide a plethora of benefits. Just keep in mind the intent and the ultimate goal of approaching this technique.

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