3 Effective Customer Retention Strategies that Work

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What are the 3 most important objectives of every business? To drive leads, convert them into customers and help them complete the sales funnel. How will you going to achieve all this when you are not implementing effective customer retention strategies into your business. If you want to build a strong business, you need to pamper your biggest assets- Customers. It’s a matter of fact that businesses put all their sweat and blood in generating leads, but become negligent when it comes to retaining customers.

Do you know the value of a loyal customer? According to a study by Brandongaille, 12-15% of customers who are committed to a single business, brand or vendor, represent 55-70% of sales.

Don’t repeat the mistakes most of the businesses these days are committing. Follow these 3 customer retention strategies curated by the experts of WS Centre the most revered website designing company in Dubai.

Build Customer Expectations: The first step towards building better customer retention is to set high customer expectations and EARLY. By setting expectations early and a little bit low than you can actually cater, you don’t have to worry about the level of service you need to cater to keep your customers satisfied and happy. These parameters help companies built Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) around expectations and ensure you are always delivering what you are promising.

Proactive Support: Customers, who are having a problem with your product, won’t tell you openly about this, but the impression will stay with them forever. It’s your duty as a brand to ask your customers about the ins and outs of a product/ service. One of the most effective ways to retain your customers and not let them convert into former customers- is by sending them proactive customer support emails, asking them if they are liking the product/ service or not.

Customer Service Surprises: Customer service is a norm that needs to be carried out at all costs in every business organization. But, if you want your customers to be really happy you need to dig in a little bit deeper. Surprise them with small customer appreciation gifts, nice handwritten notes or shoot a personal email to say thanks.

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