Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

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A professional website for example like has all the elements of a successful site. Many website developers however while trying to create a successful website make a lot of common mistakes in the design that can be costly. The services of a well-known Website Designing Company would help in avoiding such mistakes. Let us know what these mistakes are

Music and auto-play videos

Imagine you are working at the office or in a meeting and suddenly music or audio from a website starts blaring. There is nothing more irritating for web users that sites with music or videos that start playing by themselves. This can seriously put off visitors to your site. This is a common mistake that one should avoid.

Gaudy colors

Some people think bright colors and a combination of many colors make a site attractive. Sadly, this would create a garish impact and would not be easy on the eye. A simple color scheme is much effective than using bright colors or multiple colors. Common mistakes like these can be avoided if you go with a reputed Website Designing Company Dubai.


The background of the site should be simple. Some sites have backgrounds with repeating patterns and moving images, which can be irritating. This should be avoided. The background should be simple and can use the company logo and branding visuals to be effective.

A mix of fonts

In order to highlight text, some people tend to use multiple fonts in a page. This does not present a good appearance. It looks jarring. A professional page is one which has one font and the same size throughout using Boldface and Italics for effects

Broken links

Links that don’t work can be irritating for a website visitor. This is a common mistake where web developers give a wrong link or forget the update the link. Testing the site helps to prevent this mistake.

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