Basic Fact of Website Design 2019

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While creating a website, one needs to know certain basic facts related to website design. This would help in creating a good website like

Content is King

There is no doubt that content is King. A website with good content will definitely be popular. People get carried away with design, colors and using flash and animation. What they need to keep in mind is that content is more important. Having a colorful site is of no use if it doesn’t have good, meaningful content. A simple site with good content will be more effective. Web Design Dubai designers can be contacted to build a website that has great design.

Different browsers load sites differently

There always would be a difference in the way a site looks in each browser. What looks great in Firefox may look odd in Safari. So, this is a key fact to be kept in mind. One must test the website in different browsers before bringing it online. The website needs to be optimized at least for all major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari. Website Designing Services professional designers would help to use parsing and rendering to create a site that is compatible with all browsers.

Images and videos make the difference

Every website admin would like to have many images and videos on their website to attract web users. This would help to make the site interesting and draw in visitors. But one must remember that too many image and videos can make page loading slow. This can put off visitors. So, a careful mix of multimedia has to be planned.

Regular updation is needed

A website has to be updated regularly. Latest news, information, product release information needs to be posted. No one likes to see an old website that is never updated. Regular updating of information, makes a website more relevant for users. This also helps in getting effective results from search engines.

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