Latest Web Design Trends

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Creating a website is probably the first thing a business should do. Today with the internet being so popular, having a website is a basic pre-requisite. But this is just the first step. The website must attract people and make them visit the site and spend time on it.

Knowing the latest trends in web design will help in creating a great website. Once you know the latest trends, you can then make use of the services of a good Dubai Web Design Agency to bring up your website.

Mobile friendly websites

52% of internet users use their mobile phones to surf the internet. So, having a mobile friendly website is the first thing to do. A technique, which can be used to make your website mobile-friendly is mobile first indexing. This is making use of the mobile version of your site as your primary source for Google index.

Single page websites

People don’t have time today, they wouldn’t like to spend a lot of time browsing through various pages on a website. A single page website is the popular trend. No messy navigation, no wasting time – a single page website allows a user to see everything about the website, the company, and its products on one page. This is crisp and clear for internet users.

Chat boxes

Chat boxes on the web page are a great way for visiting potential customers to interact with the business. It is a simple feature, which can be automated through the use of robots. This ensures someone need not be online all the time. A robot can handle basic interaction with website visitors. This is a great option on a website.

Accelerated Mobile page

AMP or accelerated mobile page is an open source feature. This is promoted by Google. It is a feature that helps you to ensure your website loads faster. This is what users want, a website that loads fast.

Implementing the latest trends will help you have a better website. To do this contact a Dubai Web Design agency like