Guidelines to Create a Perfect Website

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Creating a perfect website like the one you see in can be done by following certain simple guidelines. A professional Website Designing Company in Dubai would follow such guidelines to help you have the best site.

Do your homework

Research and homework are essential to create the perfect website. Look at the website of competitors. Also look at websites of top companies, this will help you get an idea of how the website should be organized. It also helps you know how the website design should be. Look at websites you like. That will help you get ideas. You can then communicate your ideas to a Website Designing Company in Delhi who can translate your ideas into action.

Keep it clutter-free

Sometimes one is tempted to include a lot of images, banners, pop-ups, and the likes to make the site look colorful and attractive. But, this can be counter-productive. This is clutter! This makes the page look clumsy and it can irritating for the user. Nothing irritates a site visitor than pop-ups and advertisements.  Make sure you identify such clutter and remove them to have a perfect website.

Focus on the Font

The font also plays a role in ensuring a perfect website. A good sober font with 10 or 11 point size will be perfect. A simple font like Arial or Times Now Roman would do. If you want to go with the trend, you can look at fonts like Open Sans and PT Serif for the best result. Avoid stylish and loud fonts, they create a jarring effect.

Keep the visitor in mind

Generally, a visitor to a site look at the website from top to bottom and left to right. Keep this in mind, while designing the site. The left to part of the site is a more effective area visually and it catches the user’s eyes. So key information like contact details and can be placed there for best effect.