Designing Websites from the Visitor’s POV

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Website Design Company Dubai

Mobile and web app designs are always having one thing in common – they are created for the visual appeal of an audience. The perfect mix of design and aesthetics is what spells out to be an impressive website. A leading website design company Dubai must know this secret.

While brainstorming new ideas for a website’s concept and design, such brilliant companies always keep in mind the end-visitor of the website, because your customer’s don’t like what you made, all efforts go in vain!

Key Things to Keep In Mind

  • Brilliant UI design should have a perfect blend of design elements like rhythm, composition, colours, balance and overall legibility.
  • UX design should focus solely on swipe/click effects; animations, interactions and how such elements mentioned above engage the first-time visitor and hold their attention.

If you are a trying to catch-up with the performance of a leading website design company Dubai, you need to understand the core of designing.

Here are some key points you need to incorporate into your UI/UX design to help make your website score better in rankings:

  • Brainstorm Better

Think of interfaces that should get the most attention and then start problem-solving to create an effective game plan and stick to it. If all goes well, your layout will turn out to be perfect, just make sure that your roadmap does not exclude the user’s usability factor in perspective. Keep a list of all features you want to include to enhance your overall design process and outrun the performance of even the best website design company Dubai.

2)   Keep the Design Simple Yet Endearing

Once your roadmap is done, make some wireframe with the help of hand-sketched drawings or any wireframing program that gives you a low-fidelity concept that you can translate into a simple design mockup.

Since people always appreciate beautiful design, keep your features incorporated within in the easiest possible way. Do not implement user experience where it is not required, sometimes static images do better talking. Keep all text input fields, interfaces, checkboxes, on/off switches and drop-down menus with simple animations that do not conflict with a person’s aesthetics.

A best Website Development Company Dubai designs the perfect virtual solution for any business.

  • Highlight Prominent Elements More

Sometimes, some elements like engaging images, quotes and other content that needs to be highlighted and needs to be prioritized and you should make them stand out from the surrounding elements either by enlarging them or turning them into responsive design. Use larger images, large text, and icons or highly expansive colours to tell something that needs immediate attention like a tagline, a call-to-action button or a headline. This is the cutting edge key of the high performing website design company Dubai.

  • Simplify Things

Do not overcomplicate some web pages like contact information, portfolios or signup pages. Keep only those fields in the tabbed format that you need from the visitor. A dynamic user profile is boring to some people since not everyone wants avatar images or stylish GIFs beside their name.  You can use tooltips to explain various features with guided tours to help newly registered users.

  • Look For Similar Websites In Your Genre

No, it’s not called cheating or copying. It’s called learning from someone already in the business. There is no harm in taking a look and taking design cues from other apps or websites to see how they handle various iota of UI/UX interaction. This will improve your design process and tell you what is good and what is bad!

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Always design websites or apps with an open mind and take suggestions. Your design process will become better gradually and your interface designs will reflect your hard work and experience.

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