Efficacious Lead Magnet Ideas to Snowball Your Email List

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The marketing experts of one of the highly proclaimed Web Designing Company Dubai says that 96% of visitors who visit your website for the first time are no way ready or willing to spent or purchase something from your website. The only way to convert them into qualified leads is to convince them of the credibility of your business, that the products and services you are offering are providing a value to them; you need to nurture them, convince them and win their trust and the most effective way to make this happen is through lead magnets that drive to bring in new and qualified leads.

Thinking what lead magnets are? Let us help you.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is basically a free offer you make or an incentive you offer in order to barter an email address along with other useful information you can get of your leads such as name, address, phone number etc.

There is a variegated variety of lead magnets such as a checklist, cheat sheet, template, eBook, white-paper, Handouts, examples, script, toolkit and various other types of strategies that can be useful to the user and well directly to your business.

Also, lots of terminologies have been granted to lead magnets like signup incentives signup offers, freemiums, content upgrades and many other terms.

How lead magnet actually works?

We’ll try to make you understand lead magnets in a very crisp and precise manner.

So, here is how it works.

Your company develops something you think that the audience would love or is after.

Your audience in order to download the lead magnet you are offering joins your email marketing list.

Since your audience joined the email list to download your lead magnet, you deliver the said magnet you made.

You continue to develop lead magnets in order to market your business and attract new leads.

Lead marketing is pull-proof, tried and tested method that’s sure to work.

What’s the purpose behind Lead Magnet?

The primary objective of developing lead magnets is to encourage people who are using your company content to get on your email list. This will ensure that you are sending every new update, product launch details, offers, deals and discounts information to them which will be aimed towards converting them into customers with effective lead nurturing tactics, primarily focused on email.

According to the internet marketing experts of a leading company in Seo Services in Dubai, providing effective lead magnets is a quintessential part of the content marketing arena that is proven to build more loyal and qualified audience, which in turn will build and sprout the roots of your audience.

So what are you waiting for, convert your smoothly laid-out marketing efforts into a captured and hard-earned sale by providing useful content behind an opt-in form? There is a very simple and understandable rule. The more effective and valuable your lead magnet, the more conversions you make.

WS Centre has put together a list of some highly effective lead magnet ideas to grow your email list.

Let’s start!

Checklist: Here is our favorite lead magnet of all. Checklists are proven to convert the leads the most out of all the popular lead magnets. One of the reasons why they are effective is because they are quite easily consumed. Checklists chalk down everything in a quick and crisp manner that the user needs to know into one detailed, actionable and informative list.

Efficacious Lead Magnet Ideas to Snowball Your Email List

Cheatsheet: Cheat sheets are similar in composition and nature as the checklist, but the only thing that differentiates the two is that where checklists are a summarized form of something, cheat sheets provide a set of guidelines, or a process, that the users can follow in order to arrive at the desired result. They are also so very effective because they eliminate the task of thinking and just come straight down to working.

Efficacious Lead Magnet Ideas to Snowball Your Email List

Template: A template can be of anything. It is basically a starting point for the users, an outline or a rough layout for the users. They just need to modify the template as per their requirements and they are ready to go. Having something to help users start off their task is enough to get them straight to the desired results. Filling in the blanks is easy, rather than writing full sentences.

Efficacious Lead Magnet Ideas to Snowball Your Email List

EBook: eBook is another bullet-proof method that is known for bringing in leads and conversions. Also, it is a highly flexible and versatile format that boasts great room for creativity. According to the experts of WS Centre, the most popular and high converting eBook style is the “How to” guide or some other variation of it.

Efficacious Lead Magnet Ideas to Snowball Your Email List

Whitepaper: Whitepaper can be a powerful piece of content and also an effective lead-generating magnet if carried out properly. A whitepaper as an effective lead magnet is known for providing deep industry insights into subscriber’s industry in exchange for an email address (and possibly additional information). Whitepapers are mostly liked by people who want to keep up with the changing market trends, where their industry is heading, what all to expect from the future and what are the new technologies that are going to surface in the nearer future.

Efficacious Lead Magnet Ideas to Snowball Your Email List

Handouts: Handouts too are one of the most popular and highly used lead magnet methods. For a newly launched business about which people are not much aware of or for an existing business about which you want people to know, a handout can help those companies deliver the much-needed information about their business to the users through a short description and the on-point facts about the company that not only pique their interest but also make them visit a company’s website.

Webinars: Neil Patel was the one who officially made this lead magnet method a blast and seemingly everyone these days is using webinars as a lead-generating magnet and being their own keynote speaker. According to a research the webinars today has approximately 28 participants, 2 presenters, and about a 65 minute runtime. You are missing out on a great opportunity if you are not using webinars into your funnel.

Efficacious Lead Magnet Ideas to Snowball Your Email List

Toolkit: Another hot shot form of lead magnet is the toolkit. Toolkit is an accumulation or collection of various tools for carrying out a specific task or function used by industry experts and professionals and users want to know as much as possible about these tools. The best thing about the toolkits is that you can actually become an affiliate for them and earn some additional revenue for your business.

Efficacious Lead Magnet Ideas to Snowball Your Email List

If you want to add something to list of highly effective lead magnet ideas to grow your email list, please let us know of the same in the comments section below.

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