Essential Elements of an Effective Landing Page

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Landing page or the home page plays an essential role in framing the fate of a website. It gives a fair idea to the visitor about what the site is all about and what to expect in the rest of the web pages. Below is an insight on some of the important elements that contribute in creating an effective landing page:


White Space

White space primarily implies to the blank space between images and text. Also known as negative space, this design technique makes the content more readable and renders a professional look to the site. It also allows for prioritizing of text and gives a clean looking appearance. There are several ways of integrating white space on a web page such as breaking large chunks of text, inserting margins between various elements, using dividers, headers, or bullets.

Proper Placing of Elements

Experienced design professionals of a reputed website designing company in Dubai ensure proper placement of essential components above and below the fold. The ‘fold’ refers to that section of the web page which can be viewed while loading. Hence, elements that are inserted above the fold can be visible without scrolling the page. Experts recommend that videos, tag lines, and call to action buttons may be placed above the fold, and testimonials & sign up forms may be incorporated under the fold.

Captivating Images

Images go a long way in captivating the visitor and garnering his/her attention. They inspire the viewer to further explore the site and gather pertinent information about the product or service. For creative ideas and concepts on uploading of images, one may get in touch with an eminent web designing company in Dubai, such as WS Centre, which holds a vast experience in  designing and developing sites for clients of varied industries.


Posting of client testimonials is an excellent way of building trust amongst the prospective customers. Placing such reviews on landing pages affects the decisions of visitors as well as conversions.

For expert tips & guidance on designing of web pages, it is advisable to contact a Reliable Website Development Company In Dubai.

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