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As compared to chunks of text, it is the images & videos that make it easier for the viewer to gather the message of the website. By inserting captivating images and compelling videos on the landing page, one can attract customers and inspire them to explore the entire website. Listed below are a few simple tips on making the best use of graphics on the home page:


Visually appealing images

Visually stunning images goes a long way in intriguing the visitor to take a call to action and explore the information available on the rest of the web pages. One should take caution not to use pixelated images or those with watermarks on them. For more creative ideas, one may hire the services of a website designing company Dubai, such as WS Centre, which holds an expert team of designers, technicians, and other web professionals.

Professional Outlook

While placing images on the landing page, one should ensure that the overall outlook reflects professionalism and trustworthiness. Poor quality images may raise a doubt in the minds of the customers and may affect the brand’s credibility and reputation.


Simple & Relevant

While being creative with images is a good idea, one must ensure not to over-do it and render a simple and relevant appearance to the website.

Call to Action

While placing a video on the landing page, one should remember to include a call to action element in the video itself. It may be permanently visible or may show up at specific points. Further, one also needs to decide whether the video will play automatically or not. For tips & advice on placing CTA, one may contact a web designing company Dubai, which holds a vast expertise in crafting productive & efficacious websites.

Upload on You Tube

Uploading the video on You Tube has a great positive impact on search engine rankings. In fact, experts are of the opinion that You Tube videos give better visibility than text articles. An eminent website designing company in Dubai can help in providing great SEO solutions for attracting traffic.

Using these simple guidelines, organizations may create landing pages that appear stunning, professional, attractive, and effective.

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