Let’s Talk About the Benefits of Onboarding for Mobile Apps

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The professionals of a result-driven Mobile App Development Company In Dubai think that you only get one chance to make an effective first impression and this theory applies to every field and industry where interaction takes places, whether it is between two individuals or between a machine and a human or a human and a product/service. This first micro interaction in technical terms is known as Onboarding.

What is Onboarding for Mobile Apps?

To explain this simple term, onboarding is a one and only key to user retention. For mobile applications, there is no better metric to gauge their success than retention.
App onboarding is the first tutorial the users get pertaining to the functioning and working of your application. In other words, it is the series of screens or displays the users get to help them better understand the app interface.

These screens carry out 3 important objectives effectively,

• To educate the app users of the different functions of the app
• Highlight the prominent features the app offers
• How app user can register to avail the benefits of the app

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Best App Onboarding Practices

Show Value Proposition: This is your golden chance to lure your visitors right away. It is important to channelize your efforts into creating the most effective and attractive first impression. The first few screens of your app must steadily explain why your app is different and what value will it cater to the users. This whole step will decide the stay of your users on your app.

Highlight Important Features: How will you feel using an app you know anything about? Yes, lost! Don’t let your app visitors feel lost when they first visit your app. When users take a walk through your app not knowing the main features, they usually miss out on the unique features your app can provide them with. So instead of blabbing about the things they might already know, show the users the features that are different from other players in the market and how to use and where to find them.

Incorporate Success Rate: How do you feel when you see a task accomplishment meter running, the meter that continuously shows how much progress you have made in an ongoing task? Excited, right? That meter or countdown is an indication of how much time is left for your user to move further along with the next step in onboarding. These success rates enhance the overall experience of your app by displaying the progress of the users.

Social Log-Ins: Yes, this may sound like nothing, buy their absence can lead to customer loss. Social log-ins can make or break your mobile app. When the user has to take the longer route to log-in and don’t have the option of social or emails log-in, chances are they would install the app to avoid the boredom or inconvenience.

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