Trends That Will Shape the Future of Web Design in 2018 Part I

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The SEO experts of a meticulous and pragmatic Dubai Web Design company feels that the world of website designing is like a sea of forever change. This change and dynamism are all because of the change in technology surrounding the world of website development. It’s strange how concepts that were once considered experimental have now taken a center stage, whereas the ideas that were once considered a must have now taken a backseat, all because of the change and development in the technology circumnavigating the dynamic world of web designing.

But amongst all the things that revolve around website designing, which has been through a phase of constant change, there is one which is constant and true for every aspect of website designing, “First Impressions Last”. “How you portray yourself, is how people first view you. What are you showcasing?” Your website design somewhere molds the decision of a user whether they should buy from your website or not. According to a study, 75% users make judgments on a company’s credibility based on its website design.

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Staying up to date with the current web design trends can help your brand opt for those web designs that can fetch your brand maximum output and which ones are just side pieces. Here are 8 website design trends put together by the experts of a leading Dubai Web Design Agency to watch out for in 2018.

Negative Space: As of now we are just viewing negative space as yet another web design element, but that is about to change in 2018. It will be a complete game changer. With the rise in mobile usage, people now go online more with their smartphones, than with desktops and laptops. To “ampify” your mobile pages and faster page loading, it is quintessential to make more use of negative space.  With the inclusion of negative spaces, one can easily draw the attention of a visitor without embedding any kind of distraction.

Negative space in simple terms can be defined as the area of a page not occupied by the content or space between specific items on the page.

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Flat Design: Since, the incorporation of heavy images, video and gifs can deteriorate the performance of websites on mobile devices, designers and developers began developing simple, crisp and sophisticated websites for improved mobile performance. With Google’s preference for Mobile-First Indexing, it has become more and more important for companies to design websites for smaller screens.

Flat designs do not necessarily mean that everything needs to be 2-dimensional; it’s all about developing clean, simple and minimalist designs that are high on SEO values. It is the way of kicking aside all the chaos and giving important elements the center stage.

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Geometry: Geometric and card-based layouts are not new to the world of website designing, but the way they have been presented earlier might change in 2018. Geometric shapes, such as patterns, circles, and lines are enjoying a boost in usage due to the growth of mobile device usage. Intermixing different geometric forms and using them on a web page can fetch designers and developers stellar results. Remember, the way you are presenting design and website layout has a huge say in the design field. As a matter of fact, rectangles allow designers to scale content from big screens to small ones and provide a great way to segregate different types of content.Dubai Web Design Agency

Dubai Web Design Agency

Bright Colors: To match up to the potential of interesting and swoon-worthy web design layouts, it is important to put up color patterns that can blow everyone’s mind. With the inclusion of bold and bright colors, you are giving an opportunity to speak up your mind through your website. With mobile-first indexing, where embedding heavy images will probably slow down your site, bold colors can seamlessly provide a substitute to these images. Flat designs with a pinch of color transitions are a recipe for success which will prevail in the coming year.Web Design Agency Dubai

Bold Expressive Typography: With simple, clean and minimalist web design, the one thing that can definitely stand out is the bold, creative and expressive typography. As we have mentioned so many times before also that faster page load speed is quintessential for both search engine ranking and user experience. So in a world of website designing where web layouts are filled to the brim with heavy images, how can a designer happen to make creative web layouts without incorporating heavy images and videos? Well, a simple answer to this simple question is “Typography”. Remember the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, well, that is about to change in 2018. Then it will surely be “A word is worth a thousand pictures.”Web Designing Company Dubai

Microinteractions: Microinteractions are those small interactions or conversations with which a user will interact in a website. These microinstructions can stretch from simple like or share to a contact form that a user would fill in. Microinteractions allow users to interact with the user experience without reloading the page. They help in guiding the user and providing them with an opportunity to communicate in real time.

Microinteractions provide valuable and personalized feedback to let users know what to do, how to step further along the sales funnel and what’s happening in a thoughtful, interactive and entertaining manner.Web Development Company Dubai

Scroll Triggered Animations: As a leading and highly acclaimed company in Web Design Dubai we want readers to know that animation, explainer videos, demo videos or product videos are not something new to the world of web design, but in 2018 they are going to be used more effectively and purposefully. We all know that there is some sort of strategy that can help increase engagement and conversions simultaneously. Now, it’s your responsibility as the designer to intercept a way to allure user to keep moving/ scrolling down the sales funnel whilst understanding about the products and services. But take our advice and try to incorporate animations for better user experience.

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