Tips for an Excellent & Stunning Contact Page Design

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Crafting a contact page of a website is one of the most important elements of a web design.


This information enables prospective customers to gain an insight of the organization’s contact details. It also instills a trust that the visitor is dealing with an authentic company. Listed below are a few tips on creating a stunning and usable contact page:


Streamlined Design

Simple to fill contact forms makes it easier for the customer to offer his contact information. Use of large texts and CAPTCHA fields are some of the ways to create a streamlined design. One should focus on unifying all the elements together and providing a simple and concise way of filling up the details. For more tips & guidance in this aspect, one may contact a website designing company in Dubai, such as WS Centre, which holds a vast experience in designing & developing websites, applications, and more.

Mailing Directions

Displaying the organization’s location plays a significant role in conversions. Customers would always want to know where the company is located, and whether it has branches in other parts of the country or the world. The inclusion of an embedded map further adds to the visual element of the design. It also enables customers to know the distance between the company’s area of operation and their own location.

Link to Social Media Sites

In the last decade, social media has turned out to be a major factor in business dealings. Experts suggest that companies should list out their email id, phone number, and social profiles on one page, so that the customer may choose his preferred mode of contacting the company. One may get in touch with a reliable Website Designing Company Dubai, which has an expertise in online marketing.

Displaying Details of Team Members

By displaying information about the team members, one may add personalization to the web design. Although this is not a must-have feature, but it may be a nice addition, wherever needed.

By availing the services of a reputed Web Designing Company Dubai, one may create a visually stunning and effective contact page.

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