4 Simple Tips on Creating an Email Marketing List

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Statistics reveal that email marketing renders the highest ROI of any marketing channel. The first step towards this mode of marketing is to create a list consisting of prospective customers to whom the alerts & promotional content would be sent on a regular basis.

Listed below are a few tips on building an email list in the shortest possible time:

Offering Upgraded Content in exchange of Email

The strategy of providing content upgrades goes a long way in increasing the subscription rate. After posting a blog, one can offer its readers an option to receive the upgraded content by asking for their email address. Since the reader has already expressed his/her interest in the topic, it is likely that he would opt for the upgraded content as well.

Provide Giveaways

From compelling prizes to bonus for referrals, or guaranteed incentives for non-winners, there are several ways in which a company can provide giveaways to their target audience. The trick is to engage people, so that they become likely to sign up for the email list. For more tips on online marketing, one may get in touch with a reliable website designing company in Dubai, such as, WS Centre, which holds a vast experience in providing expert web & online solutions.


From e-books to white paper, free software tool, or any other content type, an organization may make use of opt-in incentives for increasing email subscribers. This could be in the form of popups, blog post footer, side bar, or probably an author bio. This simple & straight forward technique instantly enhances the subscription rate.

Social Sharing Buttons in Emails

By adding social sharing buttons in emails, one can reach out to a larger audience. Even if the subscriber doesn’t read the article or blog, he/shay may share it with friends, and each share will generate traffic from multiple visitors. For expert guidance on social media, one may avail the services of a reliable website designing company in Dubai.

With the help of a website designing company in Dubai, one may find out lucrative ways of attracting traffic and increasing the email list.

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