Trends That Will Shape the Future of Web Design in 2018 Part II

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The design masters of WS Centre, Web Agency Dubai has prepared a comprehensive list of some of the unique web design trends we’ll witness this year.

The only way the website designers and developers can beat every odd and continue to rise and shine is being In Omnia Paratus. These Latin syllables should be the mantra of every web designers this 2018 because the future has been written and it’s full of new technologies and developments even in the field of website designing. This year we will witness some of the surprising, astonishing and awe-inspiring web design trends that’ll definitely mark the beginning of a new era. The reason you can’t choose to ignore these trends based on your comfort level, because half if the world move on to the step 3rd, you simply can’t choose to stay at step 1st.
Let’s dive in.

Voice User Interfaces: Voice search will be the thing that will dominate 50% of search results by 2020 and customers will manage 85% of their relationship without talking to a human interaction, according to a study conducted by Gartner. This year your thumb and fingers will be able to rest as the voice commands will going to take over and the credits go to the now trending Voice User Interfaces (VUIs). There are few big names that have finally given wings to Voice User Interfaces such as Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana. Though striking Graphic User Interfaces (GUIs) completely out of the picture is not a viable option, because there are situations where you need to speak or the commands are too intricate for VUIs to understand.

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WebVR: Previous year have seen the oncoming of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality and soon we will see these technologies implemented in websites. Though we are still a few years away from this technology to be fully implemented in websites, the companies are instantly trying to bridge the gap between mobile gaming, web, mobile apps, and experiences by bringing new ideas to the domain. The content producers in the last few years are seen shifting their focus to WebVR and availing two benefits of this paradigm.

  • It will reduce the hurdles the consumers have to face while looking for what you have built and what they want. They just need to put on their gears and see the magic unfold.
  • If it is successfully made for one platform then it can be used across all platforms smoothly.

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Split Screen Design Pattern: You must have seen your website or mobile screens slip in half with one end incorporating a different pattern and the other one in complete contrasting color with bold and beautiful typography. Spit screen design patterns are employed by lots of big websites these days because of its aesthetically clean and polished look. The major advantage of split screen design pattern is that it displays content side-by-side and is stacked equally well too.

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