Black Hat SEO Techniques That Affect Your Website Ranking

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According to the award-winning Dubai Web Design Agency, the term Black Hat SEO refers to the painstaking and out of the line SEO techniques and tactics that violate the general rules of principles and best practices of popular search engines.

You can make out what Black Hat SEO Techniques are by way of how they are used. Their sole purpose is to manipulate search engines and the rankings they give without paying heed to what users want.

Black hat followers use SEO strategies such as article rewriting, heavy keyword stuffing, and content automation so that they can rank their low-quality content in the search engines. What else they do? They practice techniques like building link wheels and cloak links, create doorway pages, and often use tiered link building.

How Google put to rest the increasing use of Black Hat SEO Techniques, by simply launching a missile named Google Penguin, a very steady and impactful update on the search results ranking algorithm Google Panda.

Now with the basic understanding of what Black Hat SEO is, let’s study some of the Black Hat SEO tactics that will plummet your website ranking in a go. You can also check our list of 5 steps that will ensure SEO success in 2018.

Blog Comments: Blog comments that are going in a flow or particularly have a conversation going on, makes sense. But marketers these days end up exploiting this too just so that they grant themselves with a Google ranking, which they obviously do not deserve. Black hat users create blog comments in bulk which is regarded as the spun content. These comments make no sense or add any value to the ongoing conversation and are often plastered on websites that are not looked after by any moderator. How are they spotted? Sites which are playing the blog comments may also have other out of the blue content posted on the website or are using other spam-my methods, which are easy to spot.

Wikipedia Links: This one is not new. As a matter of fact, a lot of marketers used this Black Hat SEO tactic as a way to climb up the ladder of SEO rankings. They would employ automated software that would create fake pages on Wikipedia sites with activated links directed to their website. The major drawback of these pages? Since these pages are the mere result of automated software, they are hardly maintained by anyone and are often low on quality content. They only house spun content which will be easily tracked by Google.

Forum Profile Links: Well, this is marketer’s favorite Black Hat SEO tactic. In this method, marketers take help of software that creates various fake accounts of a website across a plethora of forum sites and place that links to the user’s website within the user’s profile description. For your information, these accounts are the sure shot way of generating thousands of backlinks. But Google is Google and they have devised methods where they rarely crawl or index these types of links.

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