Few Tactics to Keep Your Ecommerce Customers Hooked To Your Website

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As a renowned Ecommerce Website Designing Company in Dubai, we know how difficult it is for online store owners to keep customers coming back for more.

Getting the potential prospects to convert into customers is a different game. But the ability to keep your existing customers hooked to your website or laying down ways to get them to buy again and again from your website after the first purchase is a different ball game altogether. This is where the role of attentive, informative and customer-centric emails comes into picture. Through the cruel wipeout of emails over some of the most prominent and popular platforms like networking and social media boom can be seen in the last few years, there is no denying of the fact that it is by far the most effective ways to engage the customers and lure repeat purchases.

Though we are not saying that email is the only option to retain existing customers, but this is indeed the most viable one. In this blog, we are going to shed light on some of the ways to increase conversions amongst your current customers, including emails.

“How did we do” Mails: Yes, getting feedback from customers about their previous order can go a long way into convincing your customers that you do care about them. It is especially a to-go way for customers who don’t even have a minute to spare to write a good review, and for a company to get its feedback data. Amazon has clearly nailed this department with its 1-click review, where among four different options you just have to click one to define your level of order satisfaction.

Customer Loyalty Program: Another way you can make your customers happy is by rewarding them whenever they purchase from your website again. Incorporating a loyalty membership to your store is a sure short way where you can increase conversions form your customers all the while rewarding them for their repeat purchases.

Repurchase Reminder: This is the strategy that is most popular among different online stores. Have you seen the emails that you immediately get after your first purchase, encouraging you to buy again? Yes, these are the kinds of mail that the companies think would land them another sale, since the brand is still fresh in their minds. But the point we are trying to make here is that when the customers have recently purchased a product, why would they entertain a mail asking them to buy some more? So it’s always better to give them some time after their first purchase and then send an email to restock their purchase bag again.

Remember your current customer is your most loyal customer; don’t let him run out of your hands. Practice these tips today.

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